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Update for Friday 2nd March

The current expectation is that school will be open tomorrow. Based on the weather forecast and all other relevant information from staff, I am planning on the school being open from 7.30am as normal. If the weather deteriorates and there is a lot more new snow overnight, then this position would have to be revised, but I wanted the school community to know tonight that this is the intention.

Children may wear their World Book Day outfit if they wish.

Please refer to the text message at 7am and the school website before setting off in case of any change.


Kind Regards


Dan Rhodes


Head teacher



School closed Thursday March 1st 2018


Unfortunately the school is closed today. Too many staff were unable to travel safely from their respective homes. Each member of staff is responsible for the assessment of their own journey.

Mr Rhodes on receiving updates from each core member of staff had no choice but to close the school today due to staffing ratios being insufficient to meet the needs of all pupils safely.


World Book Day – this will take place tomorrow. Children may wear their book character outfits tomorrow assuming the school is open.


Please note a decision regarding tomorrow will be confirmed by text at 7am (Friday 2nd March) and posted on the school website.


Swimming will start next Thursday 8th March.


I consulted with the Chair of Governors at 7.10am this morning and made a decision which I did not want to make. I am very proud of never closing the school until today but the safety of the whole school community including staff is not something that can be put at risk. Every effort today will be made by myself to ensure we have enough staff to provide the essential staff : pupil ratios tomorrow.


Burrows Club – Refunds with regard to today will be processed next week by the School Office.


I am sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you all for your understanding with this matter.


Kind Regards


Dan Rhodes


Head teacher