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Oak Class

 The Class teacher in Oak Class is Mrs Wright.

We are sometimes joined by our lovely teaching assistants Mrs Grummitt, Mrs Bailey and Ms Barrett. 

Our topic this term is the Rain forest. There is so much to find out! We have learned about the layers of the Rain forest, which animals live there and what plants grow in its climate. We have also learned about the Tribes people who live in the Rain forest and how their lives are different to our own. We are currently learning about how our own lives impact the Rain forest and what we can do to use its resources sustainably. 
We have learned about the layers of the Rain Forest. The children researched what animals, plants and flowers can be found on each layer of the forest. Here is our Class Diorama which shows what they found out.
Picture 1
Henry Rousseau was a french post-impressionist painter. He would create fantasy jungle scenes which inspired our own Rain forest scenes. Can you see the animals hiding in these pictures?
Here are some of Oak Class' fantastic home learning tasks.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Who is that hiding amongst the Rain Makers!?
Picture 1
These beautiful birds make wonderful sounds when the sponge and string are wet and you rub your fingers down the string. Perfect for our rain forest soundscapes.
Picture 1
We learned about the tribes of the rain forest and performed a tribal dance wearing these intimidating masks that we made. 
Picture 1

Our trip to Southwell Minster!


Oak class had a wonderful time on a Time travelling pilgrimage to Southwell Minster. We wrote recounts of our day  so that people knew what we had been up to! 

Useful websites for extra home learning!