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Oak Class

 The Class teacher in Oak Class is Mrs Wright.

We are sometimes joined by our lovely teaching assistants Mrs Grummitt, Mrs Bailey and Ms Barrett. 

Our topic this term is Vicious Vikings! We have been learning about where the vikings came from, where and how they invaded England and the impact of the Anglo-Saxon kings. We have been using the wonderful text How to Train Your Dragon, during our English lessons which has been a lot of fun.
Picture 1
We have learned about What the vikings wore and what weapons they would use. The children have made some fantastic viking helmets as part of their home learning task. Here they are looking ferocious!
The children have designed and made their own viking shields to warn off their enemies. 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Here is a piece of art work inspired by the painter Chuck Close. The children painted a small section of a grid in either pastel or dark colours before we put all the pieces back together. The children did not know what portrait they had painted until they cam in the following day! Can you tell what it is? Ask the children why it is not historically accurate.  
Picture 1
 In Science we have been learning about light. We know what sources of light are and we know what reflective materials are best. Here are the results of an experiment, testing the effects of U.V light. You can see that the sugar paper has faded after just one afternoon in the glorious sunshine. 
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