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Key Worker School - week beginning 30th March 2020


Science & Technology Competition!

Well done to everyone who took part, the inventions you came up with were absolutely amazing. Well done to our winners H2 and our runners up The UFOs and Master Blaster. As well as our artistic winners Elmer the Catapult and the artistic runners up The A Team and Winning Wolves.

Here are some of the photos we captured during the competition!

Kingswood Residential 2018

What a fantastic day we have all had! Aero Ball and Laser Tag were really fun but ZIPWIRE was a definite highlight for the children. EVERY CHILD took part and jumped off the tower and zoomed back down to the ground. Some were even racing! This afternoon we have done Bush Craft where we made a shelter and a fire with the 'steel and flints' which the children told me "is more fun than an iPad!" We also did High Ropes which is essentially a giant playground 10m up in the air! The children loved it, particularly the see saw. Well done to everyone for showing a determined attitude to all activities today! Miss F & Mrs A

Wow! What a busy start to the morning. Straight into abseiling off 'The Tower' where every single child did it! It was so lovely to see and hear how supportive they were of each other being really encouraging, cheering and celebrating achievements. It makes us so proud that they are representing our school. Even the leaders have picked up on it! We then went on to 'Buggy Build' where the children worked in teams to make their very own 'Flintstone' style buggies! Once again, the enthusiasm and teamwork was so wonderful to see. From two very proud teachers, Miss F & Mrs A


P.S The children continued this amazing behaviour well on into the afternoon where McKenzie, our activity leader for Problem Solving said "This is the best group I have ever taken for problem solving, they are considerate, thoughtful and showed so much kindness towards one and other" Just at 'movie night' now watching Night at the Museum with yummy popcorn!

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Miss F & Mrs A

Wow! What a fantastic second day, we started off the day by climbing "Jacob's Ladder" and reclaiming it as OUR LADDER! Hoorah! With great teamwork on show and some children making it all the way to the top! it was lots of fun. We also really enjoyed "Team Tech" where we did lots of model making and had many competitions against each other. Finishing this evening off with campfire. Miss F & Mrs A

We have had a lovely first day. The children have all participated in activities and bonded well with our group leader, James. We had lasagne and buttermilk chicken for our dinner! Children all settled and in bed ready for our super busy day tomorrow... kicked off with breakfast at 7:15am! Miss F & Mrs A

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