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Governing Body


Below are the members of our Governing Body for 2021/2022. If you would like to speak to any of the Governors, please contact school in the first instance. Attendance at meetings is for academic year 2020-2021. Attendance will be updated annually. 

NameType of GovernorResponsibilityTerm EndsAppointed byBusiness InterestOther Governor RolesOther material interestAttendance at FGB meetingsAttendance at Committee meetings (E.g Pay committee)
Vicki Beckford

Co-opted Chair


Pupil Premium

Head Teacher appraisal


11/11/22Governors on 12.11.18NoneNoneNone



0/0 Pay

0/0 Emergency Committee


Clive ThomasCo-opted Vice-Chair

Heath and Safety

SEND / Well-being

14/06/23Governors on 15.6.19NoneNoneNone


Apologies x 2

Govs agreed that CT attends Business meetings only.


1/1 Pay 

0/0 Emergency Committee


Rev Tom Meyrick





Head Teacher appraisal


On-goingEx-Officio on 12.6.2017NoneNoneNone



0/0 Pay

0/0 Emergency Committee

Georgina AnelayHead Teacher On-goingGovernorsNoneNoneNone



1/1 Pay


Paul JoelsParent Governor


24/6/25Parents on 24/6/21NoneNoneNone




0/0 Pay

0/0 Emergency Committee

Gill ZelynskyjLocal Authority

Core / Recovery Curriculum






Local Authority on 8.10.19NoneNoneNone


Apologies x 3

Govs agreed that GZ attends Standards meetings only.

0/0 Pay

0/0 Emergency Committee

Kate FarrellyStaffGovernor Training3/12/21Staff on 4.12.17NoneNoneNone


Apologies x 1

0/0 Pay

0/0 Emergency Committee

Rebecca FergusonParent Governor

Creative Curriculum

Sports Funding

9/12/22Parents on 10.12.18NoneNoneNone



1/1 Pay

0/0 Emergency Committee


Douglas Kerr  Foundation  RE / SIAMS                     Ex-officio on 6.5.2020    None           None            None    6/6               0/0 Pay

                                                                                                                                                                                                    0/0 Emergency



Rachael Harvey from Nottingham City Governor Services clerks all Full Governing Body meetings and provides advice and support. Mrs R Harvey is also an associate member of the Governing Body

Structure and remit of the Governing Body


Bunny Primary School Governance structure is made up of the Full Governing Body. Committees such as the Pay Committee or Pupil Discipline Committee will only meet as and when required.


Full Governing Body


Bunny Primary School Full Governing Body meets twice each term with one meeting focused on Standards and the other on Business. At the Standards meeting, the governors review the progress pupils are making and assess how this is reflected in the school's data. Governors also ensure that the school is on track to deliver on the key areas of focus in the School Improvement Plan. At the Business meeting, other business is reviewed, including school policies to ensure that they comply with statutory requirements and deliver effective outcomes for pupils. The Business meeting is also when the school budget is discussed and governors fulfil their role of overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure it is money well spent.


Terms of Office


All governors serve a four year term and then must either be re-elected , re-appointed or stand down. The Headteacher is appointed a governor by virtue of their office and as Bunny Primary School is a Voluntary Controlled C of E School, the local Rector, Father Tom Meyrick, holds an ex-officio position on the governing body. Parent Governors can remain governors until the end of their term of office, even if their child leaves the school before their term finish

Governing Body - Pen Portraits


Gill Zelynskyj

Co-opted Governor

Hello. My name is Gill Zelynskyj. I live in the local community and I became a governor at Bunny Primary School in February 2019. Throughout my professional life I have been an educationalist and have held a variety of roles including being a head teacher. I love working with children and their families, helping and supporting them and making a positive difference to their lives. This is my opportunity to give something back, by sharing my knowledge and experience to help the school and its pupils do amazing things.


Kate Farrelly

Staff Governor







Why I am a Governor:

As a class teacher and Early Years lead at the Bunny C E Primary School, I feel really passionate about striving for greatness for both the children and my fellow colleagues. For me, that starts with effective leadership. I feel enthusiastic about having my say and getting to share my expertise about learning, teaching and day to day life at the school. I feel that being on the ‘front line’ also gives me a really specific edge, to play a successful part in the Governing Body with a unique angle. I feel that I am a good communicator and with that, a good listener, therefore taking on others’ ideas is fundamental to me. I want to make the school the best place it can possibly be for both the children and the staff, that is my key main priority.

What I bring to Bunny C E Primary’s Governing Body:

I bring knowledge and experience from being a qualified teacher and an Early Years teacher & leader. I have qualifications and certificates for courses in education, art, outdoor learning and sports. I achieved my black belt in Tae Kwon Do at the age of 16 and used to participate in competitive swimming. I feel that these help to bring a holistic approach to my role as a governor.

What I find interesting about being a Governor:

The ability to see school life from a different angle. I spent my school life, prior to becoming a Governor, within my classroom and within the day-to-day running of the school which in itself has it benefits but since becoming a Governor, I feel like it has changed my perspective on things. It has helped me to understand much better how all the ‘cogs’ within Bunny School work and how our decisions and actions have an impact.

Vicky Beckford

I am Vicki Beckford, I live in Bunny with my family and we all really enjoy living in our village.


I am a qualified accountant and have worked in finance for the last 20 years advising businesses, charities and educational establishments across the Midlands.


I became a governor at the Bunny C of E primary in November 2018, shortly after my third child was born, as I felt it was a great opportunity to get involved and support the school where we were likely to be for some time!


The Rev’d Dr Tom Meyrick

I am Fr Tom, the Rector of Bunny Church. In this capacity I am an ex-officio governor of the Bunny Church of England School. I was lucky enough to have an education in Church of England schools myself, and I am convinced that the Christian ethos of a school like this one offers a greater breadth and depth of education for everyone in the school, no matter what their individual situation.

I have been ordained for twenty three years and three of the parishes where I have worked have had Church primary schools, each of which in its own way has been an important part of my ministry. I also served as a university chaplain in an Oxford college, seeing education from a different perspective. I serve as a member of the Diocesan Board of Education, which supervises all the Church of England schools across the county, a role which I also had in Leicester Diocese. My PhD involved studying Christian Moral Reasoning, looking at how people develop their characters as moral individuals. I have followed this up with some studies of Character education, which offers lots of insights into the approach that we take in raising children to be good and happy members of society.

Rebecca Ferguson

Hi my name is Rebecca Ferguson and I live with my husband and 2 children in Bunny.  We have lived in Nottingham for 16 years having relocated from Edinburgh for work purposes.   I have worked in the corporate FMCG world mainly in Marketing for almost 20 years having completed a MSc in International Marketing with French and German.


I like to think I bring good communication and creative skills to this post, and a great perspective in reviewing budget spends and realigning accordingly given my day to day job.  I am also a professionally trained actor having taken a sabbatical from work to pursue my dream.  I undertake theatre and TV jobs when I can around family and "proper job" commitments!


Our 2 children attend Bunny school, and what makes this place so special is its community spirit and passion for doing the right thing, and providing the very best for our families.  Being a Governor is my small way of hopefully giving back to the school and the community by sharing my skills and knowledge to contribute towards the continued success for the children and the staff.



Paul Joels


My little girl, India, started at Bunny at the beginning of the school year 2020. It’s been a crazy year in lots of ways and I’ve been so impressed by everything done by the school to support our children and families. Although we no longer live in Bunny, I have a strong belief in ‘putting back in’ to the village community and school life and hope that in my role as a parent-governor, I can do this.  


As well as being a Daddy, I am an international sales manager for a small company, currently managing around 50 countries worldwide. A big part of my professional role is developing long term relationships and managing a mix of sales, marketing and healthcare regulatory communication with my customers who can have varying degrees of English. I’m really dedicated to effective communication which I think is a massive part of how the governors already support the wider school community.  


Outside of work I am a keen runner and cyclist, and love getting away – even when it’s not with work!


Douglas Kerr

I am Douglas Kerr and was appointed a Foundation Governor at Bunny School in 2020. I have lived in Bunny for over 20 years and previously served as a member of the Parish Council. I am a qualified accountant with experience as CFO, CEO and Chairman of a variety of major corporates and professional organisations operating in the UK and internationally and have been appointed to several public bodies. I am a passionate believer in the power of education to enable everyone, regardless of background, to enjoy a richer more rewarding experience of life. My own higher education covered topics as diverse as Life Sciences, Law and Accountancy, Business Administration and Theology and has taken me on a journey far beyond the wildest imaginings of a boy from a remote mining village in Southwest Scotland. As an accredited preacher in the Methodist Church, I believe the distinctive Christian ethos that underpins the educational philosophy of Bunny School enhances school life and the education experience for all members of the school community whatever their individual backgrounds.