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Within our first meeting we discussed lots of good ideas to improve our school further. After feeding the ideas back to Mrs White she is very excited to see us implement them.

We have been looking at doing more charity work to help our community. As well as thinking about a veg patch/ flower garden.


Our School Council for 2022-2023 are:

School Council 2022-2023


We have just elected our new school council and this year Miss Barrowcliffe will be helping the children decide how they can help to improve the school. 

They are already organising a non-uniform day for Friday t Oct to raise money towards a new outdoor guinea pig run and a cover for the new hutch. 

School Council 2021-2022

This school year we have had a focus on becoming more environmentally friendly. We did a non-school uniform day to raise money for compost bins, compost caddies and recycle bins for each class. Our aim is to change from having milk cartons with straws to milk being served in cups to reduce plastics in the near future.

We also got to be part of the new head teacher interview and asked questions to the new headteacher candidates.

The KS2 representatives were meant to be going to the council house for 'pupil parliament' on 10th June but this unfortunately this had to be cancelled due a clash of dates with a class school trip.


The school council leaders in Hawthorn Class wrote a speech for the grand opening of our new outdoor classroom, the discovery den.



School Council 2020-2021


Due to the coronavirus and having to stay in strict class bubbles, we were unable to meet in person this year so we worked on 'being together whilst we were apart'. We came up with the idea of 'Pyjama and Film day' which took place on the 16th December.